Felicity 5-in-1 Massager



Take the compact, convenient Felicity massager with you wherever you go!   Its inventive attachments each provide a distinct massage experience:

Standard head and body massager

Especially designed to stimulate nerve endings on your scalp, temples, and neck.  Apply it to your arms, shoulders, back, legs, or feet, as well – wherever you need relief!  Feel its tingles spread to arouse, soothe, and relax the entire body.

Magnetic head massager

The magnets on its tips stimulate nerve endings on the head, spreading relief and relaxation throughout the body.  Headaches disappear, to be replaced by a blissful activation of the senses.

Face massager

Its tingling sensation against the skin stimulates blood flow to combat the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness.

Shiatsu Point massager

Applying pressure on specific focal points on the body encourages the release of endorphins, stimulates circulation, improves the flow of energy, and helps the body recover its balance.  Works especially well on smaller sore spots, such as ones on the hands or shoulders.

  • Multi-purpose, five-in-one massager
  • Vibration therapy
  • Motorized; Battery operated
  • 4 attachments each apply a distinct type of massage
    • Standard head and body massager
    • Magnetic head massager
    • Face massager
    • Shiatsu (point) massager

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Felicity 5-in-1 Massager - USJ-625