Desert Bloom Nopal Extract



Desert Bloom Nopal Extract Juice (32oz.) is prepared as a purified, fermented extract of Nopal in juice form.

DESERT BLOOM Nopal Extract Juice is a 100% natural product extracted(x30 times) from the Opuntia Ficus-Indica variety of Nopal, with a natural form of sodium benzoate added as a preservative. The process of preparing Nopal (which excludes only course insoluble fiber) is designed to retain and enhance the natural synergistic properties of Nopal. This permits concentration of the active ingredients of Nopal, including its 18 amino acids, unsaturated fats, soluble fiber (pectin in particular), and its essential vitamins and minerals.

Users of DESERT BLOOM Nopal Juice Extract have reported the following benefits:
6 Major Benefits from Nopal Extract Juice

1. Reduction of High Blood Sugar
2. Reduction of High cholesterol and fat levels
3. Improves Immunity
4. Help Obesity with 18 Amino Acids
5. Help Digestion / liver function
6. Strengthens the Urinary System

Desert Bloom Nopal Extract - USJ-394